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Edgardo Canales, the husband of renowned Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona, is a respected American entertainment lawyer and businessman, born in 1987 and currently 37 years old. Despite his wife’s long-standing fame spanning over a decade, Edgardo stepped into the limelight only after their marriage in 2019. In this article, we delve into the life of Edgardo Canales, shedding light on his career as a skilled lawyer, his endeavors, and the journey leading up to his newfound public recognition as the husband of the talented actress Adria Arjona.

Who Is Edgardo Canales?

Edgardo Canales, married to the acclaimed actress Adria Arjona, is recognized for his impactful career in social justice advocacy. While his wife shines in the spotlight for her roles in hit productions like “True Detective,” “Emerald City,” and “Pacific Rim: Uprising,” Edgardo’s contributions to social justice may not garner the same level of public attention. Nonetheless, he has achieved success in his own right, working tirelessly to promote fairness and equality in society.

Edgardo Canales Quick Facts

Full NameEdgardo Rafael Canales Guastella
Year of Birth1987
Age37 years old
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAdria Arjona
MotherSuncy Guastella
Height (Inches)6 feet
Height (Centimeters)183 cm
Weight85 kg (187 lbs.)
Net Worth$1 Million
Famous forBeing Adria Arjona’s Husband

 Edgardo Canales Early Life

Understanding Edgardo’s citizenship is crucial in shaping his identity and background. Born in 1987 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he holds American citizenship by birthright, thanks to the Nationality Act of 1940, which designated Puerto Rico as a U.S. territory. This legal status grants him dual citizenship, symbolizing a fusion of Puerto Rican heritage and a formal connection to the United States.

Edgardo Canales Education

Edgardo Canales excelled academically, earning a bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College in 2009 and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Puerto Rico in 2012. Despite challenges, he dedicated a year to studying Entertainment and Media Law, enhancing his expertise in contracts, intellectual property, and regulatory frameworks. His profound understanding positions him as a valuable contributor at the intersection of entertainment, media, law, and finance.

Edgardo Canales Height And Weight

Edgardo Canales boasts an imposing physical presence, towering at an impressive height of 183 cm (6 ft), surpassing the average individual. Despite his towering stature, he maintains a well-proportioned physique, weighing less than 85 kilograms or approximately 187 pounds. His balanced and healthy body complements his tall frame, reflecting a dedication to fitness and well-being.

Edgardo Canales Parents

Edgardo Canales’s interest in the legal profession may have been influenced by his father, who is also a lawyer. His mother, Bright Guastella, has played a significant role in shaping their family’s diverse talents. As a Level II Executive Consultant for Rodan + Fields, a well-known company in the beauty and cosmetics industry, Sunny has made substantial contributions.Before joining Rodan + Fields, Bright worked as an Associate Marketing Director at Bodies The Show, a museum offering unique insights into the human body from a scientific perspective. Her commitment to excellence and passion for her work have undoubtedly influenced Edgardo’s career path.

Edgardo Canales & Family

Edgardo Canales’ dedication to the legal field is thought to stem from his father’s career as a lawyer. His mother, Sunny Guastella, broadened the family’s knowledge base through her work as a Level II Executive Consultant at Rodan  Fields, a company specializing in beauty and cosmetic products. Before her tenure at Rodan + Fields, Sunny served as an Assistant Marketing Manager at Bodies The Exhibition, a museum that provides intriguing insights into the human body from a scientific perspective.

Edgardo Canales Personal Life

Edgardo Canales’ personal life encompasses various facets that reflect his character and interests. He is known for his commitment to social justice advocacy and his dedication to his career. In addition, he shares a deep bond with his wife, Adria Arjona, with whom he embarked on a romantic journey in 2016 and later married in 2019. Their relationship is marked by shared experiences, including their wedding ceremony at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua, Guatemala, where they requested donations for children in need instead of traditional gifts. Beyond his marriage, Edgardo’s personal life may also involve hobbies, interests, and pursuits that contribute to his overall well-being and fulfillment.

Edgardo Canales – Adria Arjona Love Life

Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona embarked on their romantic journey in February 2016, a significant chapter in their lives. After years of nurturing their bond, they publicly affirmed their love in a heartfelt ceremony at the stunning Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua, Guatemala, in August 2019. Adria celebrated their engagement by sharing details of her ring on Instagram, marking a milestone in their relationship. In a compassionate gesture, the couple asked wedding guests to donate books or gifts for children in need instead of traditional presents. Following their marriage, Adria continued to document their love and happiness on Instagram, sharing moments from exploring Santorini Island to strolls on Puerto Rico’s serene beaches.

WhoIs Edgardo Canales’ Wife?

Adria Arjona, a prominent American TV star and actress, was born on April 25, 1992, making her 32 years o. Her father, Ricardo Arjona, is a renowned Guatemalan singer-songwriter.

Adria’s journey to fame commenced with her debut appearance as an actress in the 2012 short film, “Loss.” Subsequently, she portrayed minor roles until landing her breakthrough role as Emily in the acclaimed series “True Detective” in 2015.

Throughout her career, Adria has maintained her relevance and success. Notable among her achievements are roles in successful movies such as “Father of the Bride,” “Morbius,” Netflix’s “Sweet Girl,” “6 Underground,” and “Life of the Party,” among others.

Edgardo Canales Became Adria Arjona’s Husband In 2019 After Dating For 3 Years

In February 2016, Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona commenced their romantic journey, leading to their marriage in August 2019. Their intimate wedding took place in La Antigua, Guatemala, at the Lodge Casa Santo Domingo, attended solely by close friends and family. In a touching gesture, the couple requested donations for less fortunate children instead of traditional gifts, a gesture that received widespread appreciation. Their love story continues to flourish, evident in their shared vacations to Puerto Rican beaches and desert strolls, strengthening their bond. Despite being married for three years, they have yet to welcome children.

In February 2020, Edgardo and Adria graced the red carpet together at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles, showcasing their enduring affection. Adria frequently shares affectionate snapshots of their romantic moments and events on her Instagram, while Edgardo, though not active on social media, is often featured on her page.

Edgardo Canales Career

Edgardo Canales’ passion for law likely traces back to his father’s profession as a lawyer. His mother, Sunny Guastella, enriched the family’s understanding by leveraging her experience as a Level II Executive Consultant at Rodan + Fields, a renowned beauty and cosmetics company. Before this role, Sunny contributed her skills as an Assistant Marketing Manager at Bodies The Exhibition, a captivating museum offering profound insights into the human body through a scientific lens.

Edgardo Is A Lawyer By Profession

Edgardo Canales epitomizes a seasoned lawyer with a profound understanding of legal and business intricacies.Before his tenure at STX, he briefly collaborated with William Morris Endeavor, supporting Philip Button. Notably, between September 2012 and September 2013, he practiced law at Canales Legislation Officer, gaining valuable experience.

However, it was his pivotal role at STX Entertainment that marked a significant turning point in his career. Over the past few years, Edgardo has been an integral part of STX Entertainment, a global media company dedicated to maximizing market value through the distribution of talent-driven content across movies, TV, and digital media platforms.

Edgardo’s Honors, Awards And Recognition

CategoryAwards & Honours
Community AwardsLocal Humanitarian Honours
Innovation and Social Impact AwardsLeadership/Advocacy Awards
Educational and Youth EmpowermentAwards Collaborative Partner Thanks
Media and Public RecognitionLegacy and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Edgardo Canales Net Worth

By 2024, Edgardo Canales is projected to possess a net worth of $2 million, a testament to his notable financial success. This considerable wealth stems from his lucrative salary derived from his esteemed position, which has consistently contributed to the steady growth of his overall net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Who is Edgardo Canales?

Edgardo Canales is a respected lawyer known for his contributions to social justice advocacy and his marriage to actress Adria Arjona.

When did Edgardo Canales marry Adria Arjona?

Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona got married in August 2019 after dating for three years.

What is Edgardo Canales’ net worth?

By 2024, Edgardo Canales is expected to have a net worth of $2 million, largely attributed to his successful career and prestigious position.

What is Edgardo Canales’ educational background?

Edgardo Canales graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management and obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Puerto Rico.

What is Edgardo Canales’ career background?

Edgardo Canales has a diverse career background, including roles in legal practice and management in the entertainment industry, particularly at STX Entertainment.


In conclusion, Edgardo Canales emerges as a multifaceted individual with a strong commitment to social justice, a successful career in law and entertainment management, and a loving partnership with his wife, Adria Arjona. His journey reflects dedication, integrity, and a pursuit of excellence in both personal and professional endeavors. As he continues to navigate his path, his impact on the realms of law, entertainment, and advocacy is sure to be enduring and impactful.

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