Kevin Gates's Net Worth, Bio, Early LifeDeath Rumors & Many More Kevin Gates's Net Worth $1 Million

Kevin Gates’s Net Worth

$1 Million

Kevin Gates epitomizes the rapper who has lived the “thug life” both in appearance and experience. His body is covered in tattoos, and his past includes numerous legal troubles, from childhood arrests to kicking a fan and illegal gun possession. Despite his rough history, Gates remains deeply committed to his music. His debut studio album, *Islah*, soared to number 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart. Following this success, he produced high-performing tracks without missing a beat.

What is Kevin Gates’ Net Worth?

Kevin Gates is an American rapper and singer with a net worth of $1 million. He first gained popularity through his mixtapes, such as “Stranger Than Fiction” and “By Any Means,” which highlighted his unique style and raw, introspective lyrics. Gates’ debut studio album, *Islah*, released in 2016, was a significant success, topping the Billboard 200 chart and featuring hit singles like “2 Phones” and “Really Really.” Throughout his career, he has collaborated with numerous well-known artists and released several critically acclaimed projects, including *I’m Him* and *Khaza*. Known for his honest and personal storytelling, Gates often draws from his life experiences, addressing his struggles with poverty, incarceration, and personal growth in his music.

Who is Kevin Gates?

You might not be immediately familiar with the name Kevin Gates, but chances are you’ve heard his music somewhere. Whether it’s on the streets, in the car, on radio stations, at parties, or even from your brother’s iPod, his tracks are ubiquitous. The only catch is you might not have realized it was him, especially if you didn’t ask. Kevin Jerome Gilyard, better known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is an American singer and rapper. Fans frequently search for Kevin Gates’ real name online, curious about the man behind the music. So, if you didn’t know before, now you do—he is Kevin Jerome Gilyard.

Kevin Gates’ Biography

Kevin Gates was born on February 5, 1986, in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Raised in a very poor family in a violent neighborhood, Gates naturally became involved in gang activities during his youth. His turbulent early life saw him arrested for the first time at the age of 13, and again at 17. Consequently, Gates spent a significant amount of his formative years in prison. Many might not know that it was during these prison stints that he began writing his lyrics. In fact, Gates often acknowledges that prison profoundly changed his life, setting him on the path to his music career.

Kevin Gates’ profile summary 

Real NameKevin Jerome Gilyard
NicknameKevin Gates
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1986
Place of BirthNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Age38 years old (as of 2022)
Birth SignAquarius
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
Height in Meters1.88 Meters
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseDreka Haynes
MotherMartha Gates
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter
LabelAtlantic, Dead Game

Kevin Gates’s Early Life

Kevin Gates was born on February 5, 1986, in Louisiana, but his family relocated to Baton Rouge shortly after his birth. His upbringing was challenging, marked by the absence of his father and his early involvement in crime. Gates experienced his first arrest at the age of 13, though he did manage to attend community college for a brief period. Tragically, after reconnecting with his father during his teenage years, his father passed away shortly thereafter.

Kevin Gates Age

Born on February 5, 1986, Kevin Gates was 38 years old in 2019. Despite his relatively young age, he has already made significant strides in the music industry, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for him. After his birth, his family moved to Baton Rouge. Contrary to any assumptions of a quiet early life, Gates faced numerous challenges. He was first arrested at 13 for being a passenger in a stolen vehicle during a joyride but was later released.and got to attend the Baton Rouge Community College when he turned 17. However, this was just for a short period.

How tall is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates’ height often surprises his admirers, who frequently wonder how tall this talented rapper is. Gates stands at an impressive 6’2” (188 cm).

 Kevin Gates’s Personal Life

Kevin Gates married his longtime girlfriend, Dreka Haynes, in October 2015. The couple has two children together, Islah and Khaza. Gates has also mentioned that he has children from previous relationships. He and his wife are practicing Muslims and made a pilgrimage to Mecca for Hajj in September 2016.

Is Kevin Gates Married?

Kevin Gates began dating Dreka Haynes in 2003, and they eventually married in 2015. The couple celebrated 18 years together in October 2021. However, in March 2022, rumors began circulating that they were no longer together. Speculation intensified on June 7, 2022, when Gates was seen at a New York restaurant with Love and Hip Hop Miami star Jojo Zarur.

Fans began questioning the status of Gates’ relationship with Dreka. On June 4, 2022, Kevin responded to a fan’s comment on a video post. The fan had written, “Man, fall this peace and all that BS, where’s Dreka? Stop playing with us. Your real fans are inspired by you and her as a unit and example of Black Love.” Gates replied, “Guess I lost a fan for making myself happy.”

More clarity about their relationship emerged when Gates released his single “Super General” in June 2022, which contained accusations of infidelity. The music video featured photos of Zarur, with Gates rapping: “Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin’ / Made the ‘Dreka’ song, lied to the world while trying to protect her image.”

Surprisingly, Dreka did not respond publicly to these accusations. Not long after, the couple seemed to have rekindled their love, as they were seen holding hands at an airport with their children. The couple quietly welcomed 2023, and they were spotted being intimate and celebrating together at a New Year’s party. Dreka’s Instagram still bears the name Dreka Gates, suggesting that her marital status has not changed. The couple has remained largely silent about their relationship status since then.

How Many Children Does Kevin Gates Have?

Kevin and Dreka share two children: a daughter named Islah Koren, born on November 30, 2012, and a son named Khaza Kamil, born on May 10, 2014. Both children were born before the couple’s marriage, and since then, they have purposefully kept their children out of the public eye.

Dreka opted for home births for both of their children, a decision they associate with their choice not to vaccinate their children. Kevin has expressed his disbelief in conspiracy theories, stating to Rolling Stone, “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.” He has also spoken about the difficulties some children born in hospitals face unnecessarily.

Regarding their decision not to vaccinate, Dreka aligned her views with Kevin’s. However, she mentioned that her preference for water births stemmed from a traumatic experience she had in a hospital several years ago, where she almost died under the care of hospital doctors. She explained to The Source, “I had an incident in the hospital a few years ago where I almost died being under the care of hospital doctors.”

 Kevin Gates Career

Kevin Gates was keenly interested in music from a young age, leading him to sign with Dead Game Records in 2007. Alongside notable figures like Boosie and Webbie, Gates helped elevate Baton Rouge’s hip-hop scene. Collaborating with Boosie proved beneficial, as Boosie rose to prominence in the city’s rap scene. However, Gates’ career hit a roadblock in 2008 when he was incarcerated. Nevertheless, he emerged in 2011 with a master’s degree in psychology and a renewed determination to excel in music.

Upon releasing his first mixtape, “Make ‘Em Believe,” Gates garnered attention from Lil’ Wayne’s record label, Young Money Entertainment. Although he was signed to the management wing rather than as a rapper, Gates utilized this opportunity to learn the ins and outs of running a record label, preparing himself for future endeavors in the industry.

HIn 2007, Kevin Gates decided to elevate his music career to the next level after years of performing with local artists. He teamed up with his then-girlfriend, Dreka, to devise a strategy for advancement.

In a 2016 interview with The Source, Dreka revealed, “I basically went out and read every book I could find. I went and talked to any and everyone that I could. Then again, people in the industry shut you out. So you really end up making your path, which is what we did.”

In 2010, the duo co-founded the Bread Winners Association, a record label aimed at providing Gates with opportunities that other companies weren’t offering at the time. The Bread Winners Association not only promotes Gates’ music but also supports other artists, including Jay Lewis, Percy Keith, and BWA Kane.

 Kevin Gates Breakthrough

In 2013, Gates established the Breadwinners’ Association record label and released a mixtape under this new venture. Following its success, he dropped another mixtape that garnered both critical acclaim and popularity. Encouraged by his rising profile, Gates embarked on a four-month tour across the United States. However, his momentum was interrupted when he faced another stint in incarceration. Despite this setback, Gates managed to release another mixtape in 2014 before serving his time.

Debut Album & Later Work

In 2015, Kevin Gates dropped his 13th mixtape, leaving his fans yearning for more. Their anticipation was met in 2016 with the release of his debut studio album, *Islah*. The album enjoyed significant success, reaching number two on the Billboard Top 200 and selling over 110,000 units in its first week. Following this triumph, Gates continued to release mixtapes and several EPs from 2016 onward. In 2019, he unveiled his second studio album, “I’m Him,” further solidifying his place in the music industry. Then, in 2022, he treated fans to the release of “Khaza,” adding another milestone to his discography.

 Kevin Gates Business Ventures

In addition to his rapping career, Kevin Gates has shown a strong entrepreneurial streak. Besides founding his own record label, he ventured into the beverage industry by creating an energy drink.

 Kevin Gates Legal Issues

Kevin Gates’ legal history includes several notable incidents. At the age of 13, he was arrested as a passenger in a stolen car. In 2003, he faced another arrest after stabbing someone multiple times following an argument outside a movie theater. Subsequent arrests in 2013 in Chicago led to gun charges, resulting in a 30-month prison sentence at an East Moline, Illinois, correctional facility. He was released on parole in January 2018. Additionally, in 2016, Gates served three months in jail for kicking a fan while performing on stage during a concert.

In April 2018, Gates filed a lawsuit against his parole officer and the chief of parole after being denied permission to travel outside of Cook County, Illinois, for performances and family visits. The lawsuit, Kevin Gilyard v. John R. Baldwin, Ned Schwartz, and Jason Garnett, faced dismissal multiple times before Gates’ parole was ultimately terminated early by the Illinois Department of Corrections, allowing him to resume live performances.

Kevin Gates Death Rrumors

Fans were left speculating about Kevin Gates’ whereabouts due to his multiple arrests, leading to various rumors, including false claims of his death. However, these rumors were dispelled upon his release from prison, where he continued to release remarkable albums and EPs.

Rapping is Kevin Gates’ forte, evident in his successful album debuts such as *Islah* in early 2016 and *Luca Brasi*. Despite facing obstacles after incarceration, Gates continues to demonstrate his prowess in the music industry. Over the years, he has achieved significant milestones, leaving his supporters eager to witness the growth of his net worth in the future.

Kevin Gates’s Social Media Accounts

TwitterAlmost 1.9M FollowersCheck Out
FacebookAlmost 9.7M FollowersCheck Out
YouTubeAlmost 8.16M SubscribersCheck Out
LinkedInN/ACheck Out
PinterestN/ACheck Out

Fans speculated about Kevin Gates’ whereabouts due to his multiple arrests, sparking various rumors, including false claims of his death. However, these rumors were dispelled upon his release from prison, where he continued to impress with remarkable albums and EPs.

Kevin Gates’ strength lies in his rapping skills, evident in successful album debuts like *Islah* in early 2016 and *Luca Brasi*. Despite facing obstacles post-incarceration, Gates persists in showcasing his talent in the music industry. His journey has been marked by significant milestones, leaving his supporters eagerly anticipating the growth of his net worth in the future.

FAQs about Kevin Gates

What is Kevin Gates’ net worth?

 Kevin Gates’ net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

What is Kevin Gates’ real name?

Kevin Gates’ real name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard.

How old is Kevin Gates?

 Kevin Gates was born on February 5, 1986, making him 38 years old as of 2022.

How tall is Kevin Gates?

Kevin Gates stands at an impressive height of 6’2″ (188 cm).

Is Kevin Gates married?

Yes, Kevin Gates is married to Dreka Haynes and has two children.

How many children does Kevin Gates have?

 Kevin Gates has two children with his wife Dreka: a daughter named Islah Koren and a son named Khaza Kamil


What are Kevin Gates’ notable achievements in music?

 Kevin Gates’ debut studio album, *Islah*, reached number two on the Billboard Top 200 chart, and he has released several successful mixtapes and EPs throughout his career.


Despite his turbulent past and legal troubles, Kevin Gates has remained committed to his music career, achieving significant success with albums like *Islah* and *Luca Brasi*. His journey in the music industry has been marked by resilience and determination, with fans eagerly anticipating the growth of his net worth and future releases. Through his storytelling and raw lyrical style, Gates continues to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying his place as a prominent figure in hip-hop.
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